Though inflation and rising rates have dominated the headlines this year, it was not that long ago that investors were scrambling for income through a[...] Bristol Gate Capital Partners CIO, Izet Elmazi, discusses the current inflationary environment and its impact on our portfolios.
Bristol Gate Canadian Equity Discussion - September 2021 from Bristol Gate on Vimeo. On September 16. 2021, Bristol Gate Canadian Equity portfolio manager Izet Elmazi[...]
In the month of March, Canadian investors funneled $11.8 billion into U.S. Equities. These strong flows followed $12.3 billion of U.S. equity purchases in February[1].[...]
Last week news broke that U.S. President Joe Biden is expected to propose a raise of the federal capital gains tax from its current base[...]
Despite a global pandemic the likes of which we have not seen since 1918, the S&P 500 returned +18.4% in 2020 (in USD). Underneath the[...]
The S&P500’s return in 2020 was very different from what we have seen work thus far in 2021. In 2020,  77% of the total return[...]
The ultimate goals and purposes of specific foundations and endowments may vary slightly; however, these investments typically aim to provide stable and reliable payouts to[...]


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