Report to Investors 3rd Quarter 2021


Results Summary Note: LTM Dividend Growth is the median of the actual trailing 12-month dividend growth as reported on Bloomberg at September 30, 2021 of the individual stocks held by Strategies or Index constituents. FTM Dividend Growth is the median of the Bristol Gate [...]

Report to Investors 3rd Quarter 20212021-10-21T16:16:47-04:00

Report to Investors 2nd Quarter 2021


Nonlinear Relationships and our Glass (not Black) Box In the Southern Indian Sree Krishna Swamy Temple of Ambalapuzha there is a tradition of serving Paal Paysam, or rice pudding, to visiting pilgrims. Legend has it the tradition arose after a chess game between the [...]

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Report to Investors 1st Quarter 2021


It has been roughly one year since the S&P 500 hit its low point of the COVID-19 market crash. The last year has been challenging and the human tragedy significant but not all the effects of the virus have been negative. One area where [...]

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Annual Letter to Investors – 2020


Investment Commentary It was a year like no other. Following a good start, rising 5% to mid February, the S&P 500 fell 34% between February 19 and March 23 as COVID-19 began wreaking havoc with global markets and economies. Recognizing the significant economic risk [...]

Annual Letter to Investors – 20202021-03-10T18:15:38-05:00

Report to Investors 3rd Quarter 2020


There is so much to worry about – a second wave of COVID, US Presidential elections, ongoing global trade tensions, large government deficits, and high market volatility to name a few concerns. In an environment where dividend futures are implying a double digit decrease [...]

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Report to Investors 2nd Quarter 2020


Our firm’s name comes from the famous gate in Bristol, England where many explorers set out to establish new trade routes. The gyrations of the market over the past several quarters have given us some sense of what it must have felt like crossing [...]

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Report to Investors 1st Quarter 2020


Firm Update We usually save the firm update for last in our quarterly commentaries but given the severity of what we are all experiencing as a result of the coronavirus, we wanted to provide this quarter’s addition upfront. We take the health and [...]

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Annual Letter to Investors – 2019


2019 marked a number of milestones for Bristol Gate. Our US Equity Strategy celebrated its 10-year anniversary in May, our firm AUM surpassed the US$1 billion mark and both our US and Canadian Equity Strategies received Morningstar’s 5 Star rating. It was also a [...]

Annual Letter to Investors – 20192020-12-22T11:00:07-05:00

BG Manager Call – October 2018


The Bristol Gate US Equity strategy was recently added to a Canadian Broker-Dealer’s Preferred Manager SMA program. It is a portfolio of the highest dividend growth stocks in the S&P500 derived by leveraging our propriety Machine Learning model to predict dividend growth looking forward [...]

BG Manager Call – October 20182020-03-12T18:14:31-04:00