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Bristol Gate Dividend Report – June 2023

Bristol Gate FY 2022 Dividend Report

The Disbursement Dilemma

Bristol Gate H1 2022 Dividend Report

High Dividend Growth in Inflation

Disruptors in Dividend Growth Investing

Non-Linear Relationships in Predicting Dividend Growth

Why High Dividend Growth

Threshold vs. Equal-Weight Rebalancing

Bristol Gate’s ESG Integration Framework

Benefits of Dollar-Cost-Averaging

Perspective on Staying Focused in Market Turmoil

Data Science at Bristol Gate

ETF Liquidity Myths

10 Years Back and 10 Years Forward

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Annual Letter to Investors – 2021

Dividend Growth Summary Note: LTM Dividend Growth is the median of the actual trailing 12-month dividend growth of the individual stocks held by Strategies or [...]

Fundamentally Speaking

Through the third quarter of the year, it may be easy to forget that the market was solely focused on whether we were about to [...]

Report to Investors 2nd Quarter 2023

Performance Summary From a return perspective, US Equity Strategy portfolio underperformed the S&P 500 Total Return Index during the quarter. Our Canadian Equity Strategy outperformed [...]


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