Bristol Gate Capital Partners Inc. is an independent, employee-owned investment manager based in Toronto, Ontario that uses data science in combination with fundamental analysis to manage concentrated high dividend growth portfolios for advisors, family offices and institutions.


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Bristol Gate’s aim is to deliver more income for our client portfolios than they received the previous year.


Predictable results with less risk

We believe that if you can build a portfolio by predicting the best dividend growers for the coming 12 months, over time the portfolio will outperform the market with less downside risk.

Our Belief
Better Results Over Time

Many dividend strategies focus on current yield, the amount of income you will receive today. However, by focusing on how much a dividend can grow over time you will end up with more income in the future.

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Annual Letter to Investors – 2021

Dividend Growth Summary Note: LTM Dividend Growth is the median of the actual trailing 12-month dividend growth of the individual stocks held by Strategies or [...]

Academic Research

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Report to Investors 1st Quarter 2023

Performance Summary During the quarter, both the US and Canadian Equity Strategies continued to outpace their respective benchmarks in terms of dividend growth. From a [...]

Bristol Gate Capital Partners Inc. Announces Final Annual Reinvested Distributions for Bristol Gate ETFs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TORONTO, January 19, 2023 /CNW/ – Bristol Gate Capital Partners Inc. (“Bristol Gate Capital Partners” or the “firm”) today announced the final [...]


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