“Growing Dividends becomes part of the culture of the companies we invest in”

-Peter Simmie

Our Thesis: If you can build a portfolio out of the best dividend growers over the coming 12 months, over time the portfolio will outperform the market with less downside risk

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Our Investment Process


Data Science

Machine Learning

Technology is constantly evolving and so is how we use it.  We currently use a Machine Learning model that has learned what drives Dividend Growth by studying 500 points of fundamental data over 25 years.

Remove Bias

The output of our predictive methodology is an idea list of the top High Dividend Growth names for the coming year. If it does not make the list, we will not consider it for the portfolio.

Predict Dividend Growth

Our proprietary Machine Learning model is forward-looking and predicts dividend growth for the coming 12 months

Fundamental Analysis

Business Quality

We evaluate the strength of the business and the industry it is in.


Our fundamental analysis ensures that we do not overpay for a quality business.

Dividend Growth

While the model may predict a level of dividend growth, our Fundamental Analysis work verifies what the model predicts and assesses whether the predicted Dividend Growth can be attained.

Down arrow

Portfolio Construction

Concentrated Portfolio

We construct a concentrated portfolio of high dividend growth companies

Equal Weight

We rebalance our portfolio to equal weight on a quarterly basis

Portfolio Fit

It is critical to make sure that any name that is added to the portfolio reduces risk by having a low correlation with the other stocks in the portfolio.

Sell Discipline

If a company’s dividend growth rate falls below the dividend hurdle rate that is set annually by the predictive methodology then it will be sold from the portfolio.