Invest differently. It pays dividends.

Why are we different? We think it’s because our approach is unlike everyone else’s in its ability to deliver high dividend growth. We meld data science and technology together with hard work, judgement, and a thorough understanding of our securities’ ability to provide rising income. Our discipline and evidence-based approach allows us to make investment decisions to deliver growing income for clients.

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We are dividend growth practitioners. It’s our passionate belief that this strategy, based on investing in companies that regularly increase their dividend payments, is the best way to accumulate and preserve wealth.

We can’t eliminate investment risks, but we can manage them. A successful investment strategy needs to work in rising and falling markets, and protect against both inflation and deflation. Dividend growth investing has consistently proven itself an excellent solution for managing overall risk.

We focus on growth of income, and we apply both art and science to identify companies that can best provide it. We use machine learning to screen thousands of companies to find above-average dividend growth, and then employ Productive Capital Analysis™. This proprietary fundamental analysis lets us do a deep-dive into portfolio candidates to verify their ability to provide growing income. Both analyses are utilized to find stocks that meet our goal of growing dividends faster, while possessing stronger quality fundamental characteristics.

We strive for excellence in everything we do at Bristol Gate. Our team is fully engaged in a shared common purpose, relentless in our desire to improve, and fearless about introducing change for the better. We’ve built Bristol Gate by continuously challenging traditional approaches. Whether developing client service best practices, continually enhancing our investment skills, or instituting exemplary corporate governance, we have always been open to improvement. We compete with integrity and purpose. We never offer products to investors without first testing them with our own capital, and we remain significant investors in our products, alongside, and on the same terms as, our investors

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Our Beliefs


Always remember why the clients are here.


Active management works best.


Be better at Dividend Investing.


Innovation must be embraced.


Build products and ideas to last.


Reputation matters.

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