Uncovering the US Equity Market – Part 1


Bristol Gate’s US Strategy invests in companies listed on the S&P 500; however, the composition of our portfolio starkly differs from most passive and active growth US equity strategies. The main reason – the high concentration of FAANG+ stocks in the S&P500. The S&P [...]

Uncovering the US Equity Market – Part 12020-07-30T16:18:01-04:00

Report to Investors 2nd Quarter 2020


Our firm’s name comes from the famous gate in Bristol, England where many explorers set out to establish new trade routes. The gyrations of the market over the past several quarters have given us some sense of what it must have felt like crossing [...]

Report to Investors 2nd Quarter 20202020-07-17T14:57:33-04:00

Uncovering the Canadian Equity Market


Passive index funds are a simple and fast way for investors to access a diversified portfolio. These funds provide the investor with index returns for a low cost. However, not all indices are the same with some being better suited for passive exposure than [...]

Uncovering the Canadian Equity Market2020-08-05T11:53:16-04:00

What’s Under the Hood?


How Dividend Growth Investing outperforms Dividend Investing Bristol Gate’s investment strategy is built on buying businesses that are poised to substantially grow their dividend over the next 12 months and beyond. Where many dividend investing strategies focus on the current dividend yield, we are [...]

What’s Under the Hood?2020-07-08T15:18:08-04:00

A Canadian Success Story


Bristol Gate has recently been featured in the following Wealth Professional articles: Canadian success story that's grown to $1.75 billion Every crisis has a silver lining for active managers The first article speaks to the firm's tremendous growth amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, and reiterates [...]

A Canadian Success Story2020-07-08T14:34:37-04:00

Welcome to the After-Hours


Many investors are familiar with the adage, “it’s about time in the markets, not timing the markets.” This holds true when attempting to call the top, find the bottom, and juggle the volatility in-between. A study by FMRCo[1] shows that missing out on only [...]

Welcome to the After-Hours2020-07-08T14:43:04-04:00

Using Data as an Early Warning System


As the Coronavirus has gripped the word’s attention, healthcare professionals were quickly left with more questions than answers. Amongst the sea of unknowns, one thing was certain: the speed of a response would be critical in containing the outbreak. A recent 60 Minutes piece [...]

Using Data as an Early Warning System2020-06-01T09:03:03-04:00

Quality Matters


In constructing our US portfolio, one of the first screens that we perform on the S&P 500 is to exclude companies with non-investment grade debt. In order to be considered an investment grade issue, the company must have a credit rating of BBB or [...]

Quality Matters2020-05-28T14:36:07-04:00

Dividend Growth in Bear Markets


Bear markets can be triggered for any number of reasons. They can last for a number of months or a number of years and can affect the whole market or certain sectors. No two bear markets are the same. Dividend growth investing has always [...]

Dividend Growth in Bear Markets2020-05-19T11:51:19-04:00



During this period of uncertainty, we have spent time speaking with our investors. Through these conversations a number of common questions come up. We have put together this FAQ to help answer them. Has the thesis/strategy wavered at all? Not at all. We believe [...]

COVID-19 FAQ2020-05-07T17:04:42-04:00

Work-From-Home Resources


In times of uncertainly we often seek comfort through the insights of thought leaders and professionals. During this COVID-19 crisis, many have turned to the expertise of medical experts, government officials, and investment professionals to provide clarity over the situation at hand and the [...]

Work-From-Home Resources2020-05-04T16:27:52-04:00

Report to Investors 1st Quarter 2020


Firm Update We usually save the firm update for last in our quarterly commentaries but given the severity of what we are all experiencing as a result of the coronavirus, we wanted to provide this quarter’s addition upfront. We take the health and [...]

Report to Investors 1st Quarter 20202020-04-16T15:02:09-04:00
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