Bristol Gate uses machine learning and other data science techniques in combination with fundamental analysis to construct high dividend growth portfolios that aim to reduce risk and improve return while avoiding emotional bias in the investment process.

 Bristol Gate was founded in 2006 and is a privately owned company.

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Invest differently. It pays dividends.

Our discipline and evidence-based approach allow us to make investment decisions to deliver growing income for clients. Read more…

What’s In A Name?

Our name comes from the famous gate in Bristol where John Cabot set out to find the spice route and instead discovered Canada. He wasn’t afraid to take an innovative approach, Read more…

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We specialize in Dividend Growth Investing. Our thesis is simple, if you can build a portfolio out of the best dividend growers over the coming 12 months, over time that portfolio should outperform the market with less downside risk.

The very best companies are those that can regularly increase their dividends. These companies provide regular and growing income and increase an investor’s wealth through the simple, yet powerful process of compound dividend growth. A dividend grower is a singular investment that provides dividend growth and capital appreciation.

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  • In US: Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC
  • In Canada: Principal regulator is the Ontario Securities Commission (Registered as Portfolio Manager, Investment Fund Manager and Exempt Market Dealer)

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